Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Training fundamdntals...

Gagne's Nine Levels of Learning model gives trainers and educators a checklist to use before they engage in teaching or training activities.

  • Level 1: Gaining Attention (Reception) 
    • Apply: Gain attention by raising the volume of your voice, gesturing, showing a short video on the topic of instruction, or using any other event that brings the period of "waiting for the lesson to start" to an end.
  • Level 2: Informing Learners of the Objective (Expectancy)
    • Apply: Explain to your team what they will have learnt by the end of the session. Then, explain how their learning is going to benefit them, and the organization.
  • Level 3: Stimulating Recall of Prior Learning (Retrieval)
    • Apply: Review any previous learning that you've done with your team, and apply it to what they're learning now. Then make connections between what they are learning, and their previous learning.
  • Level 4: Presenting the Stimulus (Selective Perception)
    • Apply: Organize your information in a logical and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Level 5: Providing Learning Guidance (Semantic Encoding)
    • Apply: Help your team learn more effectively by including examples, case studies, graphics, storytelling, or analogies.
  • Level 6: Eliciting Performance (Responding)
    • Apply: If you've taught a new process or skill, ask your people to demonstrate how to use it (role-playing exercises can be useful for this).
  • Level 7: Providing Feedback (Reinforcement)
    • Apply: Imagine that you've taught your team a new technique for handling difficult customers. Your feedback and tips point out their mistakes so that they can correct them.
  • Level 8: Assessing Performance (Retrieval)
    • Apply: Tests, short questionnaires, or even essays can be good ways of testing your team's new knowledge.
  • Level 9: Enhancing Retention and Transfer (Generalization)
    • Apply: Repeated practice is the best way to ensure that people retain information and use it effectively.

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