Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reach out the is just a click away!

Social Networking



The first and for most...making friends, new contacts and connections and build network of meaningful relationships.

That leads us to an introduction of concept of "Like" which is enables it.

It provides unique ability to reach out to your connection and acknowledge their post/story/photo. And it creates an invisible bond between two or more people involved.

And this helps to share happiness and joy. It is universal truth that happiness increases while sorrow decreases on sharing.  There is no better platform then Social networking  which provides us  ability to do it….

And finally...Touching Lives...Social Networking helps to reach out to millions at the same could helping some one with 2 words of inspiration or bringing a smile on face or donating to a cause or person ...and it is all about making a difference…

Merger of real and virtual in gaming industry

This is an idea at very eary stages involving innovative solution.
The concept is about providing ability to a person virtually be able to play with real people in a casino ...say Bellagio.
Wouldn't that be revoltunary?
Casino can earn business without worrying about physical in flow at the same time people who cannot travel yet love to play in real setting with real dealer in a casino can avail that opportunity.

Discussed and shared the idea with very good friend of mine Niraj Gemavat who is Chariman and MD of Getaway Technolabs to evolve the concept and feasibility of solution.

More to come..