Monday, November 18, 2013

Thought to Action: Aspire --> Persevere --> Achieve!!

A guy who never ran 1 mile, never thought of running and never dreamed of running a marathon completed Philadelphia Marathon - half marathon 13.1, a goal achieved that was aspired earlier this year and persevered that was inked on April 22nd, 2013.

It was an overwhelming experience as I crossed over the finish experience that can only be felt with running a marathon.

It all started on December 25th 2012, when I decided to leave behind remaining a couch potato and doing something for my mind, body and to a make a difference for myself. With a brand new pair of $100 Nike running shoes because someone had told that is the only wise investment to be made for running, I started running with baby steps. Everyday 6 am sharp putting on shoes to get on road and practice running irrespective of rain, shine or snow putting on headphones and nice music. And this is how I registered to run my first 5K in April 2013.

It slowly became a habit to put on the headphones and start training with the podcast for 5K101 with a breaths of fresh air. I was always intrigued of what is like to put on headphones and do running or cycling? My wish was thus fulfilled experiencing it myself of what is like to get into zone being with yourself, nature and music. I got opportunity to get some fantastic sunrise pictures and bored people by posting it sharp 7 am while I complete my morning training routine. And this is how I fell in love with nature, a endless love bestowing cradle.

A 12 week program to get ready for 5k is something which I will never forget and be always grateful to have got started with it and ran my first 5k race on April 7th, 2013.

With fever of running still on and excitement on full throttle, I decided to run half marathon amd registered on April 22nd, 2013 to run on November 17th, 2013.

It came down to a full circle of a journey of mine to become a Marathon runner today on November 17th, 2013. As I prepared for half marathon, I went through self training for mind and body to endure pain and fatigue with singular focus. There is not a single day when I have thought of giving up or thinking of may be I won't be able to do it. That is the power of making a goal, putting it down on paper and getting to work on it. I have seen doors of motivation and encouragement opening by itself to keep the fire burning for a desire to change myself into person who can make things possible from zero with sky as a limit. One thing I learnt is one you make a resolve and commit to it, universe comes to help for achieving it which I had in form of fellow running mates, co-workers, and family which made preparation possible and to an ease. So thank you to all.

Today, the atmosphere was just phenomenal with 30 thousand people running @philadelphiamarathon, clamorous supporters with waving and cheering and dedicated volunteers giving Gatorade for sips to stay hydrated to make 13.1 mi run a breeze. There was only goal in mind and that was to complete a marathon which overpowered all my body pain and believe me I had excruciating pain in right knee. But after all, it is the mind that makes you run while body follows. Thus, I totally agree to the fact that preparing for marathon is strengthening your mind as much as strengthening your body.

As I crossed 10 mile mark, for me it was like world has come to stand still and it is only me and inner self who were just running with a feeling that I am what I was supposed to be and have everything in me to become what I want to be. Such an powerful feeling is something I will probably never get over it. And that is why I guess once a runner is always a runner and only runner knows that.

Running is now part of my life, a way of life, something that I will be passing on to my son Aarush who is already a runner and determined to run his 5K next year for which I am so proud of!!.

Roopak Desai

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