Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art to excel above and beyond...

To succeed you must stand out from the crowd. Here are six ways:

Be first with a purpose:

Don't just be the one who turns on or off the lights – be the one who gets in early or stays late in order to get things done. Not only will your performance stand out, you'll also start to...

 Be known for something specific:

Be known as the employee who responds quicker, acts faster, or always follows up.Pick a worthwhile mission, then excel at that mission. People will notice.

Create your own side project:

Experiment on a new process or service with a particular customer in mind. The customer will appreciate how you tried, without being asked, to better meet their needs, and your business will become "that business."

Put your muscle where your mouth is:

Everyone talks about problems. The people who help fix them stand out.

Show a little of your personal side:

Let people know a little about you; a few personal details add color and depth to your professional image.

Work harder than everyone else:

Nothing – nothing – is a substitute for hard work.

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