Thursday, March 7, 2013

Information --> Knowledge Management --> Power

Not one or team of people can hold all the information of multiple projects/initiatives and legacy systems in the head. It has to be managed with strategical practices by establishing the culture for each and everyone to be responsible to contribute to it....if not then the collapse or breakage is evident. It becomes matter of time when the growth ceases.

And Ron mentioned it very well in his article...

You can relate this to nurturing the soil with ample water. As you put water in soil if there are no grass to hold it or potency in soil then water will evaporate and won't be useful to anybody..neither soil, plants, grass or people. And then this leads to desertification.

Three key reasons why actively managing knowledge is important to a company’s success are:

 1.) Facilitates decision-making capabilities
 2.) Builds learning organizations by making learning routine, and,
 3.) Stimulates cultural change and innovation.

For our group at BoFA, we use Microsoft 1-Note to preserve, collaborate and grow knowledge. My good friend and colleague (David Tinney) has been evangelist for it. It is a great success and slowly I am able to get it adopted across organization and then hopefully across corporate.

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