Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SOARing Success #4: Caring Deeply

SOARing Success!!

Following the the thoughts inspired by Jay Hayden..

Principle #1 - Be Curious (To stand out)
Principle #2 - Bring out best from people around you of what they can do
Your true potential is only realized when you truly care for the company and associates you are working with. It is important to get deeply invested in success of company and success of employee.

This only happens if you build constructive culture within your group, organization and company. 

Constructive Culture 》Positive Environment 》Higher Productivity >> Success

As Matt describes:

A constructive culture is one within which people are encouraged to collaborate and connect with others, as well as approach their work, in ways that are conducive to them meeting their higher-order human needs. Rather than a dog-eat-dog, hyper-competitive, Machiavelli-himself-may-or-may-not-have-made-here environment, a constructive culture is more characterized by an emphasis on the good of the collective.

It helps to build drive and mutual respect among each other. This in turn helps to go above and beyond.

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