Saturday, March 16, 2013

Creating "Aha" moments in life!!

In the above article, Hiten has suggested and comprehended nice self-help excercise in order to help you live a wholesome and happy life, you need to consciously create life options for yourself.

Here are 7 simple disciplines you can follow to create "aha" moments:
  1. More Mindfullness
  2. Do more that what you think you can
  3. Learn more whenever you get chance
  4. Have gratitude for things happening in life
  5. Learn to make lime from lemons you get in life 
  6. Learn to look for something more from whatever you do
  7. Make exercise and meditation part of routine

Life is full of possibilities and open for it and be always  ready to take it up when it knocks your door.

Think Possibilities all the Time and Keep Chugging!!!

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