Monday, April 15, 2013

Managing Stress

Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking, and Positive Thinking are simple tools that help you turn the stress around you!!

Key Points

This set of tools helps you to manage and counter the stress of negative thinking.
Thought Awareness helps you identify the negative thinking, unpleasant memories, and misinterpretation of situations that may interfere with your performance and damage your self-confidence. This allows you to deal with them.
Rational Thinking helps you to challenge these negative thoughts and either learn from them, or refute them as incorrect.
You can then use Positive Thinking to create positive affirmations that you can use to counter negative thoughts. These affirmations neutralize negative thoughts and build your self-confidence. You can also use Positive Thinking to find the opportunities that are almost always present, to some degree, in a difficult situation.

Stress is the product of Mindset...Work on changing the Mindset...Positivity...Awareness...automatically stress will be replenished with Joy and happiness!!!

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