Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life Ways....

23 years back I went to L.D College of Eng for doing my bachelors in Chem. Eng. We were around class of 50 and around 6 to 8 girls as minority. But that is hardly the point...:-)

Through out 4 years of engineering, I hardly interacted with girls can call me shy or may be too much into studies not to look for beauty around :-). Nevertheless, it were most exciting and fulfilling years of my life. I do have regret for not have to seat a girl on my the Vespa PL 170 which was one of the kind scooter which I loved it. I used to drive it like a rocket and would not trade for anything if given a choice.

Moving on...I did my M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai and my one and half years in powai, mumbai are the most treasured years as of date. The amount of learning by interaction with some awesome young B.Tech fellows, hostel experience, and rigorous learning are some of the highlights of it. Yes..while in IIT I did not make the mistake twice. I had taken my Vespa PL 120 on campus and the backseat was happy to have girl take a ride :-). I still recall the hostel wing water fun fights, sunday mess menu that we awaited every week, eating maggie noodles at midnight and funda of learning with sharing while burning the midnight oil.

After couple of other adventures like going to Phillippines, I came to US for further studies. I am now ingrained in lifestyle of US and love it here. Though miss India especially friends with whom I grew up with and who have been partners while learning and growing.

And after 19 years of leaving L.D engineering , I happen to meet climax of connecting with a classmate with whom I did not exchanged a single word. It is through a common friend A, with whom again I must have hardly interacted but we came to meet each other in L.D Alumni meet last year. This was a trigger that lead to other events which again was not foreseen at all.

Thanks to Face book and social networking that made it possible. I added A as a friend and I happen to click "like" to one of the nice family pictures of A after 6 months since that drew my attention since it was very nice picture will everyone wore bright red dresses. Well, that got attention to someone in India who was a classmate too. She happen remember me by name, not that I was famous among girls :-) ..but yes may be as some one who never bunked classes!!!

Instantly she sent me friend invite. I was taken by surprise since I had no idea who she was. But then though I was intrigued how could I deny a friend's request. So I accepted it. We then happen to exchange notes about having studied together in L.D and she tried to remind me of other girls whom she hanged out with. Still I could not recollect...must be surely disappointing to her. Coincidentally, B who is another classmate put our class photo on internet and that was was a changing factor. She was tagged on the photo and then she asked me if I could now remember her. I still said no...but then I thought hard ring my bells in brain looking at her photo...and light bulb went on!!

I did remember her and instantly mentioned it to her. For me that was no less than Archimedes "Eureka" feeling. And then while exchanging notes some some amazing coincidences....that she is born on the same day, date and year as me. And around same time. How crazy is that?

I still am not able to fathom the fact that we never talked for 4 years of Engineering and got connected in mysterious ways after 19 be a closest friends and found an instant connection and bond between each other. She is C.

"When it is meant to be...It happens...All out of the Blue..And that is destiny!!"

GOD has His mysterious ways...He has created you with a plan…it is up to you how you lead it along the journey and make it into a beautiful masterpiece!!!!

"Treat everyone important and worthy, there are some strengths and qualities in each individual which you can learn from, share with or get help with at the needed time".

"Always keep the open heart and mind when you meet some one on the way, since you never know in which shape and form you will meet some one GOD send and you will be grateful forever"

(p.s: names are fictitious for privacy)

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