Saturday, April 1, 2017


"When passion finds the purpose, your intent manifests realizing your fullest potential."

Back in October, I dedicated my running of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon to all my dear friends around the world who have suffered from severe anxiety, depression and losing hope. I was one of them just a few months prior to Amsterdam and was certainly not in a position, both mentally and physically, to even run five miles, much less 26.2. But, I did it; I finished another marathon.

Call it God's intervention, his blessings, his hands on my shoulders walking with me to supreme awareness through the realization of what matters or maybe it was the blessings of my parents and my loving ones that I crossed the finish line in 5hr 01min dancing, rejoicing and celebrating life. I had improved my time by 38 minutes from the New York City Marathon I had completed a year earlier.

Right after the New York Marathon in November of 2015, I decided I would run Amsterdam in October 2016. But after months of self-doubt, I found myself only 10 weeks away from my second marathon and completely unprepared. I was barely able to run 5 miles without severe heavy breaths. But, that did not deter me. I remembered my goal and rededicated myself to my preparations. With sheer determination, drive, conviction and courage, I meticulously carved out a path for training, which would include a 23 mile run and the Jersey Shore Half Marathon, where I actually shattered my personal best time from two years prior.

Finally I got to Amsterdam and  I ran the marathon of my life. I was full of energy and vigor, and was motivating my fellow runner to find their inner strength to pull through and not give up.

Even though I had already completed a marathon, the second one was much tougher mentally. But, I came out of the entire experience stronger. This time it was not about my physical strength; it was about my growth within. I realized how important it is to do things with passion and with purpose in order to reach my full potential. I was able to gather the necessary strength and rebuild my willpower with the help of my friends, family and my soul buddy Pranav Gandhi. This experience taught be how to remove the anxiety and depression for good.

I've learned that anything is possible for everyone. Just follow your heart, do things with passion, identify purpose behind your actions and go out and realize your full potential. Become like a rock! Flow like a river! Become that exceptional person that you always wanted to be!

Up next… the Stockholm Marathon in September.


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