Friday, May 24, 2013

Living a decorated life!!

Who has gone for a journey by road to a some beautiful and exotic location that takes around 8 hours to reach ? I am sure each of us at some point of time.

Now the question is during that 8 hours journey are we just interested of what is in destination or we enjoy during journey? Like stopping over for nice coffee and break fast, taking some nice pictures on the scenic spots on the road, taking a break for lunch in service area to just try something that you normally don't choose.

Well, all these forms the sweet memories to our point of destination. And of course at destination we have the best fun ever to remember for long time to come.

The idea is journey of life gets more exciting, joyful and worth living if you start celebrating small but significant events along the way. It is about making a note of events that was happy or sad, success or failure, good or bad, positive or negative.

This forms your personal memory lane which you can always visit down the line and get valuable insights. If it failure event, then could be a learning experience to use in current situation if need be. You can go to a happy space of an happy event. And if you are going through rough patch, then recalling bad event realize that this bad time shall also pass knowing that some sad event was eventually overcome with happy times.

Life is not about just living but living it decorated. This helps us to realize the fact that there is nothing like happiness or success only once final goal is reached but living in moment and celebrating significant events along the way. This makes living a living with essence and purpose.

It can be easily related to a decorated marine commandeer who starts as cadet, then in national reserve force and then rise in ranks with marine training and deployed at various combative assignments. At every instance that marines keeps decorating with stars, badges of recognition, medal of honors, and so on. It then reflects on his dress, display at home and overall his persona.

I also haven't  been living a life decorating in a way that you can travel down memory lane, but now I am. In fact, I plan to back fill significant events like writing a biography till the current state. And the going forward decorate  life with life events that make a difference now to play it back as DVR down the road.

With advent of social media giant Facebook, this become even more easy since concept of decorating yourself with life event in any area of interest is built in feature and we just have to make use of it.

Once you do this, you will never find yourself alone, intimidated with unknown issues or feeling missed living. I am sure we all at least couple of significant events every six months to decorate our life lets pledge to do it. It will change your perspective to celebrating life instead of living life.

You what you come with. (prarabdha)
You what you make of life (+ purushartha)
You how you decorate your life. (+ celebrate)

Live a decorated Life....Celebrate Life!!

Roopak Desai

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