Saturday, January 5, 2013

5 steps decision making process framework

The precision questioning and 5 step decision making process framework is a great technique to follow!!

1) Get to the heart of the matter

The precision questioning(PQ) is a structured method to quickly get to the underlying assumptions, sources of data, measures and cause-effect relationships to separate out causation variables from associations. PQ was developed by Dennis Matthies, a long-time Stanford professor. It is a good framework that enables teams to create a shared vocabulary and consistent way to develop critical thinking skills. 

2) Encourage dissenting points of view

When people are reticent or shy to express an unpopular opinion, giving them a voice and an environment to disagree is incredibly important

3) Foster boldness

One doesn’t need to be 100% sure of an answer before making a decision. 

4) Ensure the discussion is not personal

Make this a natural part of your organization’s DNA to ensure there is respect and civility in all discussions. 

5) Provide clarity in the decision

It is important for everyone involved to understand the “what” and “why” of the decision. Transparency builds the foundation for support. It provides predictability in the way an organization decides and picks between options.

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